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[ Eberhard Spree, Ph.D., Columnist ]

Eberhard Spree was born in 1960, the son of a vicar in Berlin-Weissensee.

In 1981 he entered the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Conservatory of Music in Leipzig, from which he received degrees in double bass performance and music pedagogy.

He has been a member of the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig since 1989. In 2018, he obtained his Ph.D. in music history from the Carl Maria von Weber Conservatory of Music in Dresden with the thesis “Die verwitwete Frau Capellmeisterin Bach—Studie über die Verteilung des Nachlasses von Johann Sebastian Bach.” His book “Die Frau Capellmeisterin Anna Magdalena Bach—Ein Zeitbild” appeared in August of 2021.

He has published his research findings in the Brahms-Studien and the Bach-Magazin and given lectures in Germany, the U.S., Canada, Britain, South Korea, and Japan.

Broadcasters in Germany (MDR, WDR, DLF), Austria (OE1) and Switzerland (SRF) have reported on his work. Dr. Spree is the author of the only blog in the world dedicated to the life of Anna Magdalena Bach. The image of Spree is accredited to Jens Gerber.