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‘My father was great fun, funny, and spontaneous:’ Deana Martin

Some three decades after Dean Martin’s passing, his daughter, Deana Martin, continues to celebrate his legacy through her own concert tour across the country. Later this year, she will be traveling to Australia where – as always – her father’s beloved melodies– such as ‘That’s Amore,’ Valore, and Memories Made of This, will be performed. But her musical style is very within the swing genre.


‘Frank Lloyd Wright always had a twinkle in his eye:’ filmmaker

Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) (1867-1959) stands out as the greatest and most influential American architect of the twentieth century. “I love his architecture, especially Fallingwater,” exclaims Sigrid Faltin, a German filmmaker whose documentary ‘Frank Lloyd Wright: Phoenix From the Ashes’ (2020) has received numerous awards.