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[ My story ]

I grew up in the small Norwegian town of Lillehammer but was drawn to the world of diplomacy ever since childhood. At the time, I couldn’t have imagined that I would eventually move to Washington, D.C. to pursue a career in foreign policy and raise a family.

Like many immigrants before me, I am indebted to America. I launched Man & Culture (M&C) – a lifestyle company – in February 2022 to celebrate my twentieth anniversary in the country.

My American journey began at Yeshiva University in New York where I earned degrees in modern Jewish History (MA), Political Science (BA) and French Literature (BA).

I immediately treasured New York’s vibrant and diverse cultures, but also found a “second home” at the Metropolitan Opera from where I developed a life-long love for the art form.

Following my studies in 2007, I moved to the Washington suburbs where I pursued a decade-long career as a Middle East analyst focusing on the monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which enabled me to frequently visit the region. My analyst career spans the US defense industry, Arab media and Washington think tanks.

From 2017-2020, I provided regular television commentary for Al Jazeera Arabic, BBC Persian and i-24 News, enabling me to reach audiences across the Arab world, Iran and Israel. I am also the author of The Gulf Region and Israel: Old Struggles, New Alliances (Kodesh Press, 2020), which was published only weeks prior to the Abraham Accords.

I am a small-towner at heart. I believe in dreaming big, hard work and perseverance.

Thank you for hearing my story and for your support.