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Happy July 4th from Man & Culture!

By Sigurd Neubauer


A warm welcome and thank you to the thousands of readers who visit us every month. If this is your first time reading Man & Culture Magazine, we’re delighted to have you!

On these pages, we’re committed to celebrating the American Experience and everything that is good and beautiful.

In honor of our Independence Day, we’ll take a walk back on memory lane by introducing you to Kate Smith (1907-1986), a legendary American cultural icon of yesteryear. 

She’s famous for formally introducing God Bless America to the nation on her CBS radio show, The Kate Smith Hour, on November 10, 1938. 

The beloved God Bless America song was written by the one and only Irving Berlin (1888-1989). 

Berlin, the quintessential Jewish immigrant from Russia, rose from humble roots and became one of the most prominent Americans of all time. 

“Irving Berlin has no place in American music – he is American music” –  Jerome Kern (1885-1945).

Happy July 4th and God Bless America!

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